BelloSulf- WPG Sulphur 90% Powder

BelloSulf- WPG

Sulphur 90% Powder

This is a fertilizer product.It’s having Sulphur contain 90% and other active ingredients like dispersion agents and sodium lignosulphate and water about   1.5-2.0% moisture. It works for crops as a nutrient and maintain soil Ph value. Its particles size about 2-4 microns and highly dispersion in water so mix with water and spray on crops. It’s comes in various packing size like 1.0 and 3.0 kg in pouches, 15 kg drums, 30kgs bags/ drums.

Uses: It can use in all type of crops as fertilizer.

In 24 to 48 hours,we can see the result of this product on various crops like cattle feed,vegetables, fruits, pluses cotton, ground nut, oily crops. Its increase oil capacity in seeds.

Key Functions:

It helps in maintaining the appropriate pH of soil. There by better uptake of the other key ingredients in the process of photosysthinis helps in the syntheses of pen use efficiency protein enzyme & vitamins.


Sulphur contributed to the plant growth is a wide range of the way including assisting in the seed  production,  promoting hardness aiding in chlorophyll  formation and more it is also essential in nitrogen use of efficiency  there for  a deficiency in sulphur is recognized as limiting to crop growth yield and quality .



Field crops

3-6 kg


3-6 kg

Fruits crops




Plantation crops



Note: Not to be used on crops other than specified on label/leaflet.

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